Dear Reader!


Let me introduce my kennel shortly. I'm Bernadett Ferge and I live in Hatvan with my children. Besidedes work, most of my time I coordinate the life of my children and my dogs... ;-) My major hobby is dealing with dogs of course, visiting dog shows and travelling a lot...

I have always had and will have dogs. They have played a very important role in my life ever since my childhood. My first dog was a tike; we grew up together. Then a pointer came into the family, followed by a bobtail couple.

I first saw the big black "hairy bear" in a pet shop. It was love at first sight. I was fascinated by its elegant, respectable looks, its self-confidence and intelligence. When I introduced my new favourite to my family, they also fell in love with it. That`s how we got our first Russian Black Terrier, Black Blues Aramis, in April 2000.



A few years later, in 2003, I got a playmate for Aramis, so the family got bigger with Black Cabaret Nyina (Sonja). At the time I did not think of dog shows, but after seeing Sonja grow up into a dog of a beautiful shape, I decided to try and stand our ground at dog shows as well.



As Sonja proved successful at shows, I decided to found my own kennel, and Sonja became the founder bitch.


In June 2005 the first, "A" litter was born, with 13 little puppies. One male, Gigantic Paw of Shaggy Addynuff, and a bitch, Gigantic Paw of Shaggy Anissa will stay in our kennel. We trust that they will live up to our expectations.


I'm happy that the family extended with such loyal and dedicated puppies, giving us and our family lots of pleasure day after day.


I hope you will also find all the pleasure in your pets that a Russian Black terrier has to offer. 



Bernadett Ferge

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